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Born in São Paulo, Brazil, during 1970 Word Cup, photographer Caio Vilela visits major cities and remote corners of the planet in search of something not seeing at first glance. and keeping his lenses focused on the existing art in every moment of our daily lives. On assignment for various media vehicles, has travelled the world with hand luggage and a discreet behavior, mixing up with local people. His pictures depicts a character, a location or a habit, with its own accent, its special light and color. The colection of images help to better understand how millions of people live in each corner of the planet. Altogether, they’re a mosaic of equality and diversity.

A geographer and a journalist, Caio has travelled on a journalism assignment to more than 90 countries, from the Arctic to Antarctica, from Asia to Latin America. His documentary photography focused on street football, culture, tourism, environment, gastronomy, ethnic minorities, arts and architecture are featured regularly in Brazilian and international newspapers and magazines such as Folha de S.Paulo, National Geographic, Veja, Rolling Stone, Elle, Gol inflight mag, TAM inflight mag, Trip, Playboy, Superinteressante, Horizonte Geográfico, Vida Simples and Aeromexico Platino, among others. –


Ten years ago, as one of the facets of the project Soccer Without Borders, the photographer began documenting the football played on the streets, far from the stadiums spotlights. The result is a rich, authentic and spontaneous collection, exposing the existing art in the simplicity of improvised matches that happens in imaginary soccer fields at the alleys, beaches, dirt pitches and the most varied sorts of terrains across five continents. The self assigned project made him fall in love with this magical sport that doesn’t discriminate, but approaches. An art form for some or a religion for others.


The image bank include more than 20 thousand catalogued images, available to be licensed for temporary use. To license images for editorial, publicitary or commercial uses, please write to caio@caiovilela.com.br , skype id: caio_vilela, or landline phone + 55 11 3032-9302.


Onde Mora o Futebol (2015), Exposição itinerante entre estações de metrô de São Paulo ao longo do ano.

Brésil (2014) , Préfecture, rua de Tivoli s/n, Paris : Open air exhibit along with other brazillian photographers, held during the Word Cup month and summer.

Bola de Rua (2013) – Conjunto Nacional – São Paulo, Brazil – Exhibition of 55 photographs of street football in Brazil, in November 2013, sponsored by Nike.

Arte na Rede (2013) – Shopping MKT Place – São Paulo, Brazil – Exhibition of 50 photographs about street football in the world, roaming the countryside of São Paulo until 2014, sponsored by AES Eletropaulo.

Koora Al Arabia (2010) – Doha’s Central Market – Doha, Qatar – Collection of images of street football in the Arab world, produced for the committee Bidding Nation Qatar 2022 and displayed by Fifa during the announcement of the victory of the candidacy of Qatar as the first Arab country to host a World Cup.

Peladas (2010) – Morumbi Shopping – São Paulo, Brazil – Collection of 52 images showing street football in 31 countries on all continents, plus Antarctica.

Football without Borders (2010) – Brazilian Embassy – Islamabad, Pakistan – Exhibition with 42 images of street football around the world organized at the embassy hall during the 2010 World Cup.

Ora Bolas! (2009/2010) – Museum of Football – São Paulo, Brazil – Collection of 37 pictures of street football around the world, in Pacaembu stadium, in São Paulo, roaming to Piracicaba and Praia Grande.

A Bola é um Mundo (2010) – Brazilian Museum of Football – São Paulo, Brazil – Itinerant exhibition about street football held in several cities around São Paulo State.

Um Mundo de Crianças (2008) – Citibank Cultural Center – São Paulo, Brazil – Exhibition at the undercroft of Citibank of av. Paulista, with 60 images from children around the world.

Olhar Estrangeiro (2005) – Fine Arts University – São Paulo, Brazil – Collection of 45 images produced during international assignment for travel magazines in 22 countries for tourism publications exposed in panels at hall in the Fine Arts School.